Cat Scratching Post – Do You Need One?

Unless you don’t care at all about your soft furnishings and carpets, then the answer to the question “do you need a cat scratching post?”, for most cat owners, has to be a resounding yes.

Even if your cat goes outdoors a lot, where he will use trees or fence posts to sharpen his claws, it’s still a good idea to provide an indoor scratching post.

Cats will scratch, whether you like it or not, so providing something other than your furniture to scratch on is a must.  Cats actually need to scratch to remove the outer sheath on their claws as the claws grow, in order to expose the new claws.   Some experts say that cats also scratch to exercise their muscles, to stretch, to mark their territory and just because they like it. … Continue reading


Outdoor Cat Houses

If your house doesn’t have a cat flap and you don’t want smelly litter trays in the house then you probably put your cat out at night and when you go out. However, in the depths of winter when the temperatures are below freezing, don’t you have a pang of guilt when you put kitty out into the night.

Well why not ease your conscience and get him a snug little home? Outdoor cat houses come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, some of them with their own central heating but otherwise you can get a heated mat and your cat will be just as comfortable as if he was spending the night lying on your bed.… Continue reading


Cat Health Problems

You may have read my original article on cat health problems which can be found at but there are even more cat health problems which you should be aware of in order to keep your cat in the best of health.

Fleas: You may think that fleas are a minor irritation but they can have lasting effects on a cat if they aren’t treated or prevented. Flea infestations left untreated can cause infections, blood diseases and dermatitis. Spot on cat flea prevention preparations are easily administered and last for about four to five weeks. Sprays are cheaper but most cats run a mile from an aerosol. Flea;/’io’  n collars are available but most vets don’t recommend these for outdoor cats as they can become caught up in undergrowth or tree branches and cause untold damage if they snap back against the cat’s jaw.… Continue reading


Cat Litter Cleaning

No matter how much you love your cat, there’s one job which nobody in the family will want to do and that’s cleaning out the litter tray. Unpleasant though it may be, cat litter cleaning is an absolutely essential task and failure to do it regularly may lead your cat to look elsewhere to do his toilet.

Cats are such clean creatures that they don’t like to use a dirty litter box. If it isn’t otherwise obvious, for example when the cat has completely covered solid matter or wet patches with dry litter, you will know that the box is dirty by the behaviour of the cat. He will balance precariously around the outer edges of the box while he does his business or he may visit the box and leave again immediately without doing anything.… Continue reading


Are There Techniques That Actually Work With Cat Training?

Everybody knows that you can train a dog to do allot of things including behaving, fetching, even doing cute tricks for it’s owner, but what about cats? Can you actually train your cat? The answer is yes but there are limitations. Although it is quite possible to train your cat to do cute tricks, the cat will not do so unless it has a desire to. When you talk about training your cat you should keep it in the realm of cat behaviors not dog behaviors. Cats can be trained in many ways but they are much more dignified creatures that demand your respect. You can not simply tell a cat to do something nor can you demand it.… Continue reading

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