Cat Kidney Disease Diet

If your cat has kidney disease then a specific cat kidney disease diet can help to alleviate the symptoms and make the cat more able to cope with the disease. However, the best thing of all for your cat is that it does eat something so if it doesn’t like a special cat kidney disease diet, just let it eat what it does like.

What to choose for cat kidney disease food:

Firstly, cats are usually pretty picky eaters so if they feel a bit under the weather and they don’t like the food presented to them, they just won’t eat it. That the cat eats is far more important than any prescription diet.

Secondly, whatever you feed your cat it should be low in phosphorous and low protein; what protein it does contain should be high quality. Sodium should also be low but added potassium is good as are B vitamins and fatty acids.

Thirdly, wet food is best because it helps to keep the cat hydrated but if your cat has been brought up on dry food and doesn’t like the change, just stick to dry food.

There are quite a number of good quality prescription foods to support a cat kidney disease diet and these include but aren’t limited to:

Royal Canin



Introduce the prescription cat food to your cat gradually to wean him off what he’s used to. If he won’t take to the new food, talk to your vet and check out the ingredients in the commercial cat food available in your local supermarket.

Don’t forget – the important thing is that your cat does eat, not what he eats.


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