Cat Feeders

Your cat needs fresh food and water daily and there is a huge selection of  automatic pet feeders and waterers on the market, so you will be spoilt for choice.  If you want a traditional cat water bowl, there are those too.

The Petmate Fresh Flow water fountain provides naturally cool and oxygenated water.  Features include a replaceable filter and a reservoir that adds water automatically.  Available in 3 sizes.

The Petmate Le Bistro range offers three different sizes in both feeders and waterers or you can have a combo.

The Cat Mate C50 Automatic Pet Feeder has five compartments and a battery timer which rotates the lid, revealing one meal at a time.

However, I would NEVER leave a cat for more than one day and night without having a human being come in both for company and to refill or check on your automatic pet feeder.


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